sometimes things happen to us but sometimes we happen to things.

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Nicolas Lobo

Nicolas Lobo 1

Matt Wedel, flower tree

Matt Wedel

Matt Wedel, flower tree, 2011

Matt Wedel, flower tree, 2007

Matt Wedel, flower tree (1)

Matt Wedel, child

Shay Kun, High Enders


Shay Kun, Phantom Warriors

Shay Kun

Farideh Lashai, Catching the Moon 2012


We Change So Quickly. So Often. Often So. Quickly So Change We

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Once all roads led west. Then all roads straight and long, headed to mexico. Now where do roads go? Now tell me, where now?

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Philip Barlow, The City

oh it’s but nothing for the lack of words, (n)or lack of want

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Oh not because happiness exists,

that too-hasty profit from approaching loss.

But because truly being here is so much; because everything here

apparently needs us, this feelting world, which in some strange way

keeps calling to us. Us, the most fleeting of all.

..Ah, but what can we take along

into that other realm? Not the art of looking,

which is learned so slowly, and nothing that happened here. Nothing.

The sufferings, then. And, above all, the heaviness,

and the long experience of love, — just what is wholly


— from The Ninth Duino Elegy

Rainer Maria Rilke


anticipation is timely: time is (not) anticipation

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why, do we always wait



all you need is science, science. science is all you need

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science makes the world go round and round.

do you believe in life after science.

crazy little thing called science.

you can’t hurry science.

science the way you lie.

it is a race for space

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